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In these tough economic times, you’ll be happy to learn that your car is the ticket to access to emergency cash in amounts ranging from $2501-$20,000 . With Grand Title Loans, even if your credit history is damaged or non-existent, we can help you get the cash you urgently need, so you can breathe freely again. There’s no need to take a cash advance from your credit card or pay insane interest on an unsecured loan as long as you own your own vehicle. Pink slip loans, also called car title loans, are an ideal way to borrow sensibly. When your car serves as collateral, an auto title loan is a secure, low risk loan with competitive interest rates.

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Confidential Pink Slip Loans for All Credit Types!

Here’s how the whole car title loan process typically works. You call us and answer a few simple questions that will allow us to determine the value of your car. Your credit history won’t come up in the conversation. We’ll give you an approval, over the phone, immediately. Our friendly and flexible financial consultants will answer all your questions. We’ll advise you what paperwork we need to close the deal. You drive over, hand us the necessary papers and put your hand out to receive your cash. Done!  One phone call, one quick drive to our offices and your personal cash- strapped nightmare is over.

Vehicle Cash Advances – Use the Equity in Your Car!

An easy process. Service available for all applicants regardless of previous credit history. Fast, friendly loan officers. A secured loan risk loan. And, on top of all that, this is nothing like the experience of pawning your car. We won’t ask for your keys and you will keep your car. It’s still your car, to drive just as you always have. Nothing about that will change.

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We offer Pink Slip Loans to the following zip-code areas in Antioch, California:
94509, 94531

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